Into the Ruins: Year One and Year Two Packages Now Available in Print and Digital Formats!

March 19, 2018

When I started Into the Ruins, I didn’t know how it would be received. I was cautiously optimistic, but also under no illusions that the number of people interested in a magazine of deindustrial science fiction might be awfully small indeed. That cautious optimism, however, proved more cautious than necessary. The response to this project these past two years has been very good indeed. While you won’t be seeing Into the Ruins on any bestseller lists in the near future (although feel free to continue to spread the word and prove me wrong!) we now have two years of issues in the bag and are moving strong into the third year.

I can’t thank you all enough for your support of this project. The subscriptions and sales are nice, obviously, but even better has been all the personal notes of appreciation, enthusiasm, and encouragement. They mean a lot to me, and they’re a big reason why I do this.

That said, subscriptions and issue sales do keep the magazine afloat financially. And so, I wanted to give you all a heads up about the newest options available for purchasing the magazine. With the release of the eighth issue, Year Two is officially in the bag, and Year Three on the way. That means that the Into the Ruins: Year Two package is now available, featuring Issues #5-8 all bundled together and shipped FREE anywhere in the U.S. for just $43. This goes hand in hand with the Into the Ruins: Year One package of Issues #1-4 available for the same price. Both packages ship immediately upon order. If you are an international customer and interested in purchasing either package, please email me for further instructions.

But they aren’t just available in print. I’ve now released both full year packages in Digital PDF format, as well, for just $25 apiece. You can get Year One or Year Two in PDF via Payhip, available for immediate download anywhere in the world.

Finally, those of you who already are subscribed, please don’t forget to renew your subscription if you haven’t already (or subscribe if you have yet to). Keeping a solid base of subscribers is key to the success of this magazine, and the majority of you have subscriptions that have expired now that Year Two has come to a close. Continuing on has a huge impact.

Thank you so much to everyone for your support. Here’s to plenty years more of great stories of deindustrial science fiction!

— Joel Caris, Editor & Publisher

P.S. Don’t forget–I’m always looking for great letters to the editor to feature in future editions of the magazine. Have thoughts about the newest stories, issue editorials, book reviews, recommendations, musings on the future of industrial civilization, thoughts on how to live lightly, and so on? Email them! I’d love to include your letter in the next issue.