Figuration Press Website Relaunches

March 30, 2018

The Figuration Press website has relaunched today under new hosting and with a slight redesign. With this relaunch, the website is now better highlighting our primary publishing project, Into the Ruins, and is primed for renewed use of the site’s Litterfall blog, which features fiction and essays on peak oil, ecology, industrial decline, living with less, and the natural world.

Moving forward, the primary postings on the Litterfall blog will consist of a new, serialized deindustrial science fiction novel written by Joel Caris, Figuration Press’s founder and owner. For full details about that project, please see the introductory blog post.

Figuration Press will continue to explore the possibility of additional future nonfiction and fiction publishing projects focused on alternate visions of the future and alternate ways of understanding the world, particularly those rooted in ecological contexts. While we are not currently accepting submission of manuscripts, you can always email for more information or with any inquiries.

Thank you!